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Why join The Independent Workers Union ?

The circumstances that lead people to join the IWU can vary, but the underlying reason is the desire for effective representation in the workplace and in work-related issues. Our core objective is to secure the safest and best possible working conditions for our members.Our overall quality of life can also be affected by factors like health, education as well as issues relating to dignity at work and job security.
What difference does Union membership make ?
1. Wages, benefits and working conditions are protected by legal contract
2. A contract spells out how much each worker earns
3. Unions negotiate raises for everyone. Members vote on it ,and if they feel it is unfair they can vote it down.
4. If you are unfairly disciplined unions provide due process to protect against unscrupulous supervisors.
5. If you don’t like something at work, you can work together with your union to change it.
1. Management can change wages benefits and working conditions unilaterally.
2. No one knows how much anyone else earns. Disparate treatment /favouritism exist.
3. If you want a raise you must plead your case to a supervisor or manager.
4. If you are unfairly disciplined, you are on your own (at will employee) you’re subject solely to policy.
5. If you don’t like something at work, you are at the mercy of management.

IWU on Mayday parade in Belfast

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The nature of your job may change, so that if you move from full time to part time or vice versa, it is your responsibility to inform us of such changes in order to keep our records up to date.

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