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About the Independent Workers Union

The Independent Workers Union traces its roots back to the Cork Operative Butchers Society which was founded in 1916.
1. It registered as a trade union in 1932
2. It was licenced as a trade union in 1941.
3. In 1997 the butchers TU membership began to decline so it became a part of the ATGWU. The ATGWU was founded in the UK in in 1927.
4. In 2001 the London Branch started to show unwelcome interest in the Irish section, which resulted in the sacking of the Irish Regional Secretary.
5. The Cork based branches of the ATGWU reactivated the Butchers licence and formed the Independent Workers Union in 2002. The IWU now represents workers from all different industries and backgrounds.The Independent Workers Union has branches all over the Island of Ireland both North and South. It has chosen not to be part of the ICTU but will cooperate to achieve mutual goals.

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