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The independent Workers Union

The independent Workers Union is a Trade Union with its Headquarters in Cork. It was formed by workers who became dissatisfied and increasingly frustrated with the Trade Union movement in Ireland. Many of the larger unions seePeleel and membersmed to lose its connection with the grass root members and enjoy a very comfortable relationship with the establishment (government and management).

The Independent workers Union has organised itself  with several branches throughout Ireland both North and South.

It upholds the ideals of early Irish trade unionists such as James Connolly and Jim Larkin. It is not part of the Trade Union Umbrella body known as the ICTU.

The IWU and its members are opposed to TTIP and CETA. We also campaign vigorously against austerity measures and privatization policies being forced upon the people of this country by the Government.

In light of recent developments on the island of Ireland and all across Europe we need to stand together now more than ever. The intensity of the attack on workers’ rights is almost overwhelming. This is reflected in the amount of people who are working full time in this country and are dependent upon welfare supplements to survive.

Independent Workers Union,

Trade Union Center,

55 North Main Street. Cork.

Tel: 021 4277151

Independent Workers Union,

SUI House,

61 North Strand Road,

Dublin 3.

Tel 01 8559716 or

087 7966011

Independent Workers Union,

Western Branch,


Tel:086 8284310

Independent Workers Union,

14 Market Street,

Monaghan Town.

Tel:087 2390750

Independent Workers Union,

21 The Square,Moy,


Tel: 0044 7596 120540.

Independent Workers Union,

48 King Street,


Tel 0044 7596 120540.

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Trade Union Center, 55 North Main Street, Cork Tel: 0214277151

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